Estrela Mountain Dog

The Estrela has been around for centuries.
We work to help it last forever!

The dogs

Ponta da Pinta


Out ethical, technical breeding work stems from respect for the breed and aims at its betterment, by combining empyrical experience and the study of genetics appplied to the control of hereditary diseases. 


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Ponta da Pinta was founded in 2001,

with the specific purpose of contributing to the conservation of the Estrela Mountain Dog according to its original function as a livestock guardian dog.



Estrela Mountain Dog,

the two varietes

Our blood donating



Ponta da Pinta in the media

Work by composer 

Sérgio Azevedo dedicated to Ponta da Pinta


Actress São José Lapa,

a Ponta da Pinta godmother


Read our puppy buyers' opinion about our work

"We would not hesitate to recommend Ponta da Pinta as a breeding kennel which sets the standards for other breeders in all respects (...)"

Jason Frater and Julie Pine, breeders (Adephagia Estrelas) and owners of Ébano da Ponta da Pinta

"Thank you for the dignity and seriousness you put  into breeding the Estrelaça and those wonderful dogs (...)"

Isabel Gomes Ferreira Cunha, 

owner of Vicky (Abracadabra da Ponta da Pinta)

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