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Ponta da Pinta

Estrela Mountain Dog

Ninhada Bark x Tony

New litter 2

My darling Harpa's final litter, from dashing young boy Doctor Dog da Ponta da Pinta, was born on April the 9th. There are 6 girls and 4 boys, brindle, fawn and light fawn. Both parents have excellent type and conformation, wonderful temperament, very sweet and protective, genetic disease screenig with excellent results and descend from working lineages as well as my own.

Several puppies are spoken for but I'm accepting a few reservations more.

Horus da Quinta do Ganhão

My sweet girl Faifa, from working lineages, has just had her second litter, on March the 28th.

The sire is gorgeous Horus da Quinta do Ganhão, Champion of Portugal and Spain. They both had excellent results on their hip and elbow dysplasias and dilated cardiomyopathy screenings.

There are 8 males and 3 females, of both varieties (long and short hair), fawn and brindle fulvos e raiados. Most of spoken for but a few are available.


New                litter 1

The next mommies

My next litters, planned for the Summer-Autumn 2024/ early 2025, should be from my girls Bark, Todi and Alfama.

For more information or booking a puppy, contact me:

Manuela Paraíso, or (351) 926 967 216.

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