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Estrela Mountain Dog

Ponta da Pinta


"We are truly blessed to have been Ébano da Ponta da Pinta’s family for the last six years, since he came to us at five years old. Aside from being a wonderful member of our family, he is a fabulous example of the breed - not only very correct physically, but a perfect blend of true gentleman and fierce protector, as the situation demands. We would not hesitate to recommend Ponta da Pinta as a breeding kennel which sets the standards for other breeders in all respects, with the technical knowledge necessary to maintain and improve the breed, and leading the way with regard to health testing."

Jason Frater and Julie Pine/ Adephagia Estrelas, owners of Ébano da Ponta da Pinta

"Pongo is my second Ponta da Pinta male. Not as large as the first, Kaiser, but with the usual good temperament I've been used to with Ponta da Pinta dogs. He's a great guardian but also an excellent host, very playful, especially with children, and very devoted. Over the last 10 years, I've been closely following the excellent work you've been doing to preserve the breed. Manuela, thank you for the constant and professional assistance you've been providing me with. PS: these dogs love to watch their owners work in the garden, they even lie down to observe them better..."

Paulo Rosa, owner of Pongo and Kaiser

(Ding Dong da Ponta da Pinta)


"We wanted dogs that were excellent guardians but also totally reliable - so we chose the Estrela Mountain Dog breed. Being so powerful and swift, it's moving to see how carefully Maria and Carlota play with the babies, children and smaller dogs. We also wanted a breeder who reared their dogs like family members instead of money making machines, so we chose Manuela."

Paula Fonseca, owner of Maria and Carlota

(Noa Noa da Ponta da Pinta)


"I've been in love with Xavier everyday since I first saw him, more than 3 years ago. I also fell in love with all the other Estrelas at Ponta da Pinta. They're irresistible, to say the least, they're extraordinary beings! Xavier has a contagious sweetness and "joie de vivre", always playful, a loyal friend to his friends, while being also an excellent guardian. Thank you, Manuela, for having let me get this wonder!

Sara Sá Machado, owner of Xavier

"As a breeder, Manuela Paraíso did not just provide me with two dogs, Vertigo and Nureyev, she also cared to assist in their adaptation and health status throughout the years. They were both adults when I got them, which is completely different than bringing home a 2-month-old puppy. I feel proud and blessed to have two beautiful, marvellous dogs, with good character, from an absolutely reliable breeding kennel that does health tests regarding the most common problems in the breed such as hip dysplasia and dilated cardiomyopathy... And also... the added value of this having been the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Renata Bacellar, owner of Vertigo and Nureyev da Ponta da Pinta

"In 2011, still grieving the death of an Estrela bitch who had been our companion for 9 years, we visited Ponta da Pinta, where we were very welcome and got our girl Vicky. On that day, we got to know everything that no one had ever told us about this wonderful Portuguese breed. We noticed the tenderness, dedication and love that Manuela Paraíso dedicates to this breed and to the dogs she breeds. One by one, we heard the story of each of the dogs she then had, in affectionate and very knowledgeable words. We fell even more for the breed and especialy for Vicky. Thank you for the dignity and seriousness you put in breeding the Estrela and those wonderful dogs."

Isabel Cunha, owner of Vicky

(Abracadabra da Ponta da Pinta)

"I have imported more than a few Estrela from Ponta da Pinta over the years. The thing I would like to stress in our relationship with Manuela, is the help she has given. She helped us find other dogs, to complement the bloodlines we had. She was a great mentor and friend when we started in the breed. Not only allowing me to visit her, but making the introductions to other kennels! It was not just about finding her puppies good homes, but helping those homes find what they needed. Most breeders would not take the time to do that, since there was nothing personal to gain. Always concerned about genetic issues and does the health testing needed to improve the breed. Manuela does not just breed for Fawn dogs to win at a show, but instead strives for diversity and genetic depth. If I need to return to Portugal for some new blood, Ponta da Pinta will be the first place I check."

Cindy Martishius/ TrailsEnd Estrelas, owner of Pastorale, Mogno, Nefertiti and Fenícia da Ponta da Pinta)

"I did not have much knowledge about the breed until I tried to learn a little and decided to choose my Kuito. I couln't have done any better. He's utterly protective, calm, intelligent, a friend to whom I trust my safety and my family's. I now have deep respect and admiration for the Estrelas. I also believe that Manuela Paraíso's guidance has contributed immensely for this balance and I'll be eternally grateful to Ponta da Pinta for having allowed me these incredible years with my Kuito."

Jorge Escada, owner of Kuito and Viriato da Ponta da Pinta


"In early 2013, I had purchased an Estrela from an American breeder. Tesla was a wonderful dog but died at seven months. An autopsy uncovered a genetic disorder that caused him to die suddenly. After speaking to many new friends in the Estrela community, I discovered that this genetic defect had cost the lives of many of the breed. I wanted to take all the steps possible to make sure my next Estrela would be as healthy as possible. I had heard of Ponta da Pinta for a few years and several people recommended I contact Manuela. Before we discussed getting another puppy, she discussed all the health issues with Estrelas and went well beyond what a normal breeder would do to a prospective client. It became clear to me that the long-term well being of the Estrelas was her major concern and that she was doing serious testing to reduce the risk of any Ponta da Pinta clients from going through what I had. Manuela waited a few weeks speaking and emailed me to ensure I'd get an adequate puppy. In April, Stromboli arrived. He has enriched my life and could not be healthier. He has already had his hips checked, the results were excellent. Stromboli's temperament is spectacular and he gets along wonderfully with our four horses, four cats and our other dog. Manuela has followed up weekly to see how he is doing. I could not be happier with Stromboli or the experience I have had with Ponta da Pinta and Manuela."

Tim Horn, owner of Stromboli da Ponta da Pinta)


"We decided to retire to Spain and we wanted a dog to keep us company. After much research we settled on an Estrela and have never regretted our decision. In 2004, Bebe came into our lives and it was never the same again. A Ponta da Pinta with a mind of his own, but such a charmer, he could get away with anything and he usually did. He only had to look at you and your heart melted. He was everybody’s friend; he got on great with other animals, especially our neighbours black cat, which he would carry up the garden in his mouth. He was loyal, funny, and fiercely protective of his friends, especially children. We miss him terribly, not a day goes by when he is not in our thoughts."

Allan Nicholls, owner of Bebe 

(Psycho da Ponta da Pinta

"I too bare witness that Manuela is passionate about the breed and with love and total dedication set the foundations for Ponta da Pinta. Her dogs are unbelievably sweet, as well as beautiful and fluffy. It was the first time I ever saw someone stay by their bitch when she was whelping, inside the house, so the puppies would be born and reared with all the care and warmth. Today she has reasons to be happy and proud of her babies who are such good embassadors for the Estrela breed and for Portugal."

Isabel Lencastre, owner of Sansão 

(Enquanto Há Força da Ponta da Pinta

"Gilda was a wonderful Christmas present, in 2009, that dried the tears caused by the recent death of our dog Romeu. I met Manuela when I premiered as Gilda in "Rigoletto" at the São Carlos opera house in Lisbon. We thought we could only call her Gilda! She was a very intelligent dog (still is), daring and naughty. When she became one year old she calmed down a lot, became very sweet and tender, a wonderful friend to everyone in the family. She loves to take long naps, although she still runs fast and splashes on the little brook in our garden, piuzzled by the frogs, be it summer or winter. Even in winter time she loves to lie down in the rain. She fostered two small puppies and one kitten we rescued. She's a very beautiful animal, of very dark hair with shades of copper. She was never aggressive and my son, nephews and children in the neighbourhood play a lot with her! Our Gilda is gorgeous!"

Carla Caramujo, opera singer, owner of Gilda

"When we quest for a puppy we think the book of origins and the afix only exist to make the dog expensive - but that idea is a huge mistake. When the puppy we acquired and became a family member develops a hereditary disease and there's not much we can do about that, we think differently. I'm so glad I got to know Ponta da Pinta and now our farm got a new member, Diego, and new joy!"

Tânia Vieira, owner of Diego 

(Pico da Ponta da Pinta

"Excellent bitches with an extraordinary temperament. They love playing and keeping company to their owners, running across the garden, digging (where they shouldn't...), playing with the children. They also love being groomed but hate bathing. They like ot when we share fruit with them; when we give them a biscuit they sit down and present one paw. They're very protective and bark at anything that's strange. They're our companions and members of our family. It's an excellent guarding and family breed."

Vanessa Pecegueiro, owner of Bebé and Sasha

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