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Ponta da Pinta

Estrela Mountain Dog

It is to their arch-enemy, the Iberian Wolf, that the Estrela Mountain Dog owes its existence as a livestock guardian dog. However, just as the Estrela faced extinction a few decades ago, the Wolf has its existence threatened. Thanks to the action of the non-profit association Grupo Lobo, the Estrela currently plays a very important role in the conservation of the great wild canine - but the reverse also happens.

O Lobo Ibérico e o Serra 
The Iberian Wolf and the Estrela 


In the last few decades, the Grupo Lobo  association,  through its cattle dog program, has contributed greatly to the preservation of the Estrela Mountain Dog, especially the short-hair variety, by acquiring puppies from breeders and shepherds and placing them with livestock in zones where the Iberian wolf inhabits. Since 2015, Ponta da Pinta has been developing an informal cooperation with that association, through which we acquired a few puppies from shepherds, and vice versa. Now, we adhered to the program for sponsorship of the Iberian Wolf Recovery Center,  expanding our small contribution so that the Wolf, as well as the Estrela, lasts forever!

Meet our goddaughter

Lobo Prado.jpg


Born in 2014


In December 2021, Ponta da Pinta started sponsoring the lovely Freita, one of the wolves that can be seen at the Iberipan Wolf Recovery Center. If you wish to sponsor one of them,

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