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Ponta da Pinta

Estrela Mountain Dog

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Faifa, good hips


Our 5-month.old baby Faifa did her PennHip early hip dysplasia screening test, performed by Dr. Ana Santana, and she had good results. When she becomes 18 months, she'll do her ultimate test, which will hopefully confirm her god hip status.

Faifa, our new puppy


Her name is FaifaSM, she's 2 months old and named after the small village of Faifa, at the Montemuro mountains where she was born, among a herd of goats. She's the new member of our pack and, with her working bloodlines, she promises to be a major input in our breeding programme.


Our 15-month-old girl Sortelha da Ponta da Pinta won her first title, Junior Champion of Portugal, at the Portuguese breeds show in Caldas da Rainha, where she also won Best of Breed.

More PennHip tests


In November, 5 puppies from our most recent litter, by Gengibre and Suggia, had their hips screened (PennHIp early testing) all with satisfactory results - just like all the puppies from our previous litters this year. This means the odds of them developing dysplasia are highly unlikely and it is the result of our continuous programme for controlling the disorder in our breeding.

New short-hair litter!


In the last week of July, we will welcome our upcoming litter, from young powerful Suggia and dashing Gengibre da Ponta da Pinta. It results from an accidental mating and will likely produce only brindle short-haired babies. Gengibre had his hips, elbows and heart tested with good results. Suggia, only 16 months old, only did her PennHIP  - early screening for hip dysplasia - but after weaning her puppies will undergo the remaining tests. 

Grand Champion Canela


​Canela da Pinta da Ponta became Grand Champion of Portugal at the Lisbon International Show on July the 15th. She's the first Ponta da Pinta dog and the very first short-hair Estrela Mountain Dog to win this title, which she adds to that of Champion of Portugal.

More dysplasia screenings


Autumn begins with two more hip dysplasia screening sessions, to our young adults Canela and Noz-moscada da Ponta da Pinta (both with good results, also to their elbow test) and our puppies Suggia and Aldeiamontemuro, who were PennHIP (early) tested - the second with very good results, the first one's less satisfactory. This means we'll have to wait until Suggia reaches adulthood and do the ultimate x-ray, which will tell us if her hips are good enough for her to breed. 

Utopia shines on her show premiere


Our gorgeous girl Utopia da Ponta da Pinta (Moura) premiered in conformations shows as 2nd Best Baby o the Portuguese Breeds Aveiro show, that took place on September the 24th. The Best Baby final was judged by Mr. Rui Oliveira. Photo: Ana Catarina Alves.

The generation of 2016


This is an important year of renewal of our breeding stock and of the bloodlines we use to develop our project for bettering the Estrela Mountain Dog.  May saw the arrival of short-haired grey brindle Suggia and two months later we welcomed the also grey brindle but long-haired Aldeiamontemuro. This week, after her hip dysplasia early screening came up with good results, it's time to reveal that Utopia da Ponta da Pinta, of our most recent, long-haired litter, is staying home. The first two come from livestock working lines, the third from our own bloodlines, developed since 2002. We are utterly proud of our rising stars!

First screenings to our most recent litter


19-weeks-old Revolução and Utopia were the first two puppies from our latest litter to do an early hip dysplasia screening. The tests were performed by Dr. Ana Santana at the Lusófona University in Lisbon, under a protocol for her MD research, and the results were good. We're now waitiing for the written reports to know the scores.

Suggia, a new member of our family


Yesterday a new family member arrived at Ponta da Pinta - the adorable Suggia, a grey brindle short-haired female puppy. Descending from working lines, she'll reinforce our breeding programme for the betterment of the Estrela Mountain Dog, a programme that includes among its principles the preservation of genetic diversity and endangered colours and is inspired by natural selection.

Charm's babies have arrived!


Charm's and Maio's new babies were born in the early hours of April the 24th. They're five girls and three boys, fawn and brindle, full of vitality. Some are available. Contact for information or booking: and (351) 926 967 216.

Canela on TV


16-month-old Canela da Ponta da Pinta returned to the show circuit winning Best of Breed and her first championship point at the 1st Portuguese Breeds Dog Show in Arruda dos Vinhos, on April the 3rd, and she was featured in the report by tv channel SIC, which included an interview with breeder Manuela Paraíso.


Ponta da Pinta at a pet tv show


Ponta da Pinta will be visited on the next "Animais Anónimos" tv show (on January the 31st, RTP1).The programme will feature the Estrela Mountain Dog, with an interview to Manuela Paraíso e images of our dogs. 

Ponta da Pinta at the Lisbon Pet Festival 2016


Thera, Clara Schumann and Canela will be Ponta da Pinta's embassadors at the 5th Pet Festival, which will take place in Lisbom, from 29th to 31st January. An opportunity to cuddle our three young girls, to get to know about our breeding project and, on saturday to attend an informal lecture, "The Estrela, from livestock guardian to a family dog", by Manuela Paraíso, who will also organize a debate about the importance of serious dog breeding.

New year, new logo!


Fourteen years after starting off, there's a lot going on at Ponta da Pinta. Following a new website, we present our new logo, which pays tribute to out beloved first-born, Baden Baden da Ponta da Pinta.

Website: new look


Celebrating the Christmas season, Ponta da Pinta's website has a new look, more appealing, more professional, more user friendly. Now, accessing its contents is a much more pleasant experience. Enjoy and invite your friends!

Ponta da Pinta at the 25th Monográfica show


11-month-old Canela da Ponta da Pinta was Best of Variety and Reserve Best in Show at the Associação Portuguesa do Cão da Serra da Estrela championship show (Monográfica), which took place on November the 21st in Lisbon, judged by Ms Ilona Ostenk-Schenk.


Apart from Canela, four other of our females represented Ponta da Pinta beautifully: Mesopotâmia, Thera, Party and Maria da Fonte. The five of them conquered 3 first positions and 2 second:

- Canela da Ponta da Pinta: Best Junior Female, Best Female, Best of Variety, Reserve Best in Show.
- Mesopotâmia da Ponta da Pinta: Best Veteran Female, Best Veteran in Show
- Thera da Ponta da Pinta: Best Intermediat e class female
- Party da Ponta da Pinta: 2nd Best Female Puppy
- Maria da Fonte da Ponta da Pinta: 2nd Best Female Baby


Ponta da Pinta at the 1st Estrela Mountain Dog Global Meeting


Thera, Clara Schumann and Noz-moscada, taken by our friend Conceição Serrão, were Ponta da Pinta's embassadors at the 1st Estrela Mountain Dog Global Meeting, which took place on october the 17th in the town of Cartaxo. Organized by the Comunidade de Cão da Serra da Estrela, the Municipality of Cartaxo and the União de Freguesias do Cartaxo e Vale da Pinta and sponsored by Luposan Portugal, the event included a pedagogical show, talks with actress São José Lapa, two shepherds and a member of Grupo Lobo, technical lectures about hip dysplasia, Initial Registration, the presence of several breeders with some of their dogs, a small herd and several exhibitions, of photography, artefacts, books and works submitted to a drawing competition among school students.

Ponta da Pinta at the Portugal Expodog


Thera, Clara Schumann and Canela represented Ponta da Pinta at the 1st Portugal Expodog event, which was held on September the 13th in São Pedro do Sul, north of the Estrela Mountains, by Nómadas - Turismo de Aventura. A very pleasant journey representing the breed (together with fellow breeders Canil de Penhas Douradas and Canil Quinta Moínho das Almas), which also included a dog walk.

The popular Portuguese heroes are born!


Babilónia’s new babies are here! Two lovely girls and three handsome boys, one of which is brindle like dad Maio Maduro Maio da Ponta da Pinta.The names are already chosen: Viriato, Zé do Telhado, Salgueiro Maia, Padeira de Aljubarrota and Maria da Fonte.

Canela, number one again


On her second dog show, the 1st Portuguese Breed Specialty Show of Tapada da Ajuda, Lisbon, our beautiful Canela da Ponta da Pinta took first place again as Best Baby in Show, judged by Manuel Loureiro Borges.  

Ponta da Pinta featured on CMTV's "Hora de Estimação" tv show


Next saturday, April de 18th, at 10:05 AM, Ponta da Pinta will be featured on the pet tv show "Hora de Estimação", which includes an interview with breeder Manuela Paraíso.

Ponta da Pinta on national tv RTP1's show "Há Tarde"


Our girls Thera, Clara Schumann and Canela, along with Groucho Marx da Ponta da Pinta, a dashing boy bred by us and owned by our friend Margarida Costa, shined bright on the national tv show “Há Tarde”, during an interview about the breed and the book “Rearing the Estrela Mountain Dog”.

Canela da Ponta da Pinta, Best Baby in the Montijo national show


Our 4-month-old little girl Canela, de 4 meses, had a major success on her première at dog shows, on April the 12th, by winning Best Baby in Show at the Montijo National. Another great victory for Ponta da Pinta and also for the breed, especially the short-hair variety, which nowadays it not commonly seen in shows.

They're here!


Medeia and Maio's puppies were born on March the 28th. Therebare 6 of them, 3 of each gender, very beautiful, of several colours and patterns (fawn and grey, solid and brindle), full of vitality. Puppies and mommy are all well. We’re now accepting reservations. Contacts: (351) 926967216 ou

New litter


We’re expecting for the next few days a new litter by our darling Medeia da Ponta da Pinta (daughter of our multi-champion Baden Baden da Ponta da Pinta) and our dashing Maio Maduro Maio da Ponta da Pinta. We expect to have puppies of excellent quality and many different colours (including the uncommon grey brindle). For more information or booking a puppy, contact us: or (351) 926 967 216.

Cow keeper Cravinho


Our darling 4-month-old boy Cravinho da Ponta da Pinta, is Grupo Lobo 's most recent purchase for its programme that places livestock guardian dogs with cattle in the north of Portugal, in order to prevent attacks by wolves and shepherds’ retaliation. He’s the first Ponta da Pinta dog to join this Iberian Wolf conservation programme. In the photo, with biologist Sílvia Ribeiro, the programme’s coordinator.

Thera da Ponta da Pinta, Junior Champion


Our beloved 15-month-old Thera has just won the Junior Champion of Portugal title, an achievement for Ponta da Pinta on its return to the dog show circuit. Descending from some of the most important dogs in our bloodlines, Thera should become a key element in our breeding programme.

Work by Sérgio Azevedo dedicated to Ponta da Pinta


"A Barking Sonatina”, one of the new piano solo pieces by classical composer Sérgio Azevedo, is dedicated to Manuela Paraíso and Ponta da Pinta’s dogs. The première took place in December the 15th, in Casa das Beiras, Lisbon, by virtuoso pianist Iryna Brazhnik, during the launching of the book "Rearing the Estrela Mountain Dog". The photo of the score’s cover, taken by Alexandre Vidigal, is of our darling veteran girl Champagne da Ponta da Pinta.

Historical litter for Ponta da Pinta


It is with great pride that we announce the arrival of our new litter, which results from a intervariety outcross mating of our darling Baby (Babilónia da Ponta da Pinta) to short-haired Champion of Portugal Duque da Casa de S. Francisco. They are 5 beautiful fawn babies (3 males, 2 females) who we hope will help our project for the betterment of the breed in both varieties (long and short hair).

Two more puppies PennHIPPed


Following the footsteps of their littermates Etna, Thera, Pico and Stromboli, Adwa da Ponta da Pinta (owned by Cristina Sales Luís) and Vesúvio da Ponta da Pinta (owned by Pedro Louro) recently had their hips screened through the early diagnosis PennHIP method. Like their brothers and sisters before them, they had excellent results, proving once more the effectiveness of our strategy to reduce the incidence of hip dysplasia in our lines. The displayed x-rays are of Adwa and were done at the University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, by Prof. António Ferreira and Dr. Sandra de Jesus. We thank our puppies’ owners for testing them, thus contributing to our programme for bettering the breed.

The composers litter is now 2 weeks old!


Medeia da Ponta da Pinta and Oskar do Cabeço do Seixo’s seven puppies are growing large and beautiful! Born on July the 9th, it’s a colourful litter, grey and fawn, brindle and solid. The names are already chosen, as an homage to some of the many classical composers we admire: the girl, who’s staying home, was named Clara Schumann and the boys are Kurt Weill, Mahler, Mozart, Ravel, Prokofiev, Stravinsky e Wagner. 4 of them are still available. For more information, scheduling a visit or booking a puppy, contact us: (351) 926 967 216 ou


Waiting for the stork


We are anxiously waiting for the 2nd week of July and the arrival of our upcoming litter, by our sweet Medeia da Ponta da Pinta and dashing boy Oskar do Cabeço do Seixo. We expect to have typical, robust, large, healthy, agile, sweet natured puppies who will have a strong protection instinct. Diverse colours (solid and brindle, fawn and grey) are expected, resulting from a wide genetic diversity that combines both champion and livestock guardian lines. We thank Oskar’s owner and breeder, our friend Isabel Ferreira, for generously allowing us to use her dog at stud.


Baby's comeback


Our darling Baby (Babilónia da Ponta da Pinta, Pérsia and Mesopotâmia’s littermate) has just returned home for good, after a long season at the Canil da Casa Redonda kennel, for whose breed betterment programme she has contributed. At Ponta da Pinta, she should have her final litter and all the pampering she deserves, for many good years to come. Baby, who descends from both champion and working lines, is a large, vigorous, healthy and rustic girl with the most wonderful disposition. We are absolutely thrilled about having her back.

Early hip dysplasia screening


Four out of eight puppies from our most recent litter (Stromboli, Pico, Etna and Thera da Ponta da Pinta), the offspring of Canto Moço da Ponta da Pinta and Drimbea Considerable Charm, have already had their hips tested through the early diagnosis PennHIP method. The x-rays show tendency for normal hips. Testing the puppies’ hips is a very important tool for us to acquire more knowledge about our bloodlines’ genetics and to decrease even more the incidence of this disease, breeding healthier dogs. It also provides the puppies’ owners with information about their hips status.

New website


Ponta da Pinta celebrates 40 years of the Portuguese “carnations” revolution and the 7th birthday of our darling Maio Maduro Maio and Fura Fura with a new website, more attractive, more functional, more accessible, now in a domain of its own:

They're here!


Ponta da Pinta’s new babies were born in November the 29th, from Drimbea Considerable Charm and Canto Moço da Ponta da Pinta. They’re very promising 4 boys and 4 girls, fawn and grey, brindle and solid. Some are booked but we still have available puppies. For photos of the litters, visit our Facebook album. For more information, booking a puppy or scheduling a visit, contact us::


The forthcoming litter


We’re expecting a new litter by our grey brindle UK-import girl Drimbea Considerable Charm and a dashing dark fawn by bred by us, Canto Moço da Ponta da Pinta. From this litter, which should be due in late November, we’re expecting wide genetic diversity and several different colours and patterns (fawn and grey solid, brindle and wolfgrey), some of which uncommon un the long-hair variety. For more information or booking a puppy, contact us:

Back to the future


After a few years of intermission, Ponta da Pinta returns to its activity for the betterment of the Estrela Mountain Dog. On February the 28th, a new litter was born, by our boy Maio Maduro Maio da Ponta da Pinta and oour girl Kalinka da Ponta da Pinta. Throughout the next year, we hope to breed three new litters, by our girls Drimbea Considerable Charm (a UK import), Pérsia da Ponta da Pinta and Medeia da Ponta da Pinta (both descending from livestock guardian dogs and unusual bloodlines) and one other litter, by Mesopotâmia da Ponta da Pinta, as part of a partnership protocol. For more information, scheduling a visit or booking a puppy, contact us: ph. (351) 926967216. Email:

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