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Ponta da Pinta

Estrela Mountain Dog

Shazam and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocia da Ponta da Pinta
Photo: Paulo Rosa
Why choose a Ponta da Pinta puppy?

  • they're sold with at least two shots, dewormed, with tick/flee treatment and microchip;

  • we guarantee against infectious/contagious diseases and any hereditary problems that prevent the puppy from leading a normal happy life;

  •  backing those warranties are systematic screenings against hereditary disorders (hip and elbow dysplasias, dilated cardiomyopathy) of all our dogs and their ancestors, as well as of males we use at stud;

  • they previously acquired a puppy with a serious health issue from a breeder who did not screen nor accepted any responsibility;

  • they appreciate our seriousness, honesty and competence and understand they can trust in us;

  • they know they can count on our support and advice throughout the puppy's lifetime;

  • we have an ethical attitude and care about our dogs' and puppies' welfare and happiness;

  • our puppies are balanced and adequately socialised;

  • in spite of their guarding skills, our dogs welcome visitors and show their excellent temperament;

  • for breeding purposes, we only sell typical puppies, with overall excellent quality and aditional warranties;

  • we don't sell puppies who are not adequate to the prospect buyers' expectations;

  • we don't sell puppies to those who don't have adequate conditions to keep them or capacity to educate them;

  • we mostly avoid inbreeding/linebreeding and prefer to go for the vigor resulting from genetic diversity;

  • we use not only champions' but also working bloodlines, aiming for sturdiness and health;

  • we breed puppies of beautiful unusual colours that, in spite of being accepted by the breed standard, are endangered and need to be preserved.

Our clients choose to acquire one of our puppies because...


Utopia da Ponta da Pinta
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