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Ponta da Pinta

Estrela Mountain Dog


Csar da Casa das Azenhas

Champion of Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, International

Mambo. Our first Estrela. The basis of our breeding. Master of our affection, which he gently occupied with his tenderness, dedication, inteligence, protection instinct. We could tell dozens of stories about him that mirror the typical, balanced, reliable behaviour of the Estrela Mountain Dog; the episodes of our travels around and outside Portugal, in which he conquered many friends (some of whom would send him warm Christmas cards) and four FCI champion titles. When Mambo walked by, everyone stared at him - both in shows and downtown, where he made the traffic stop and people cross the street to cuddle him. He passed away too soon but he left us not only the loving memories and lessons but also his offspring and the next generations, several of which also champions, who were and are the pride of Ponta da Pinta.



Baden Baden da Ponta da Pinta

World Winner 2004, Champion of Portugal, Spain, Brazil, International Champion, Young Hope 2003, Young Promise 2003

Our first born. He took hold of our hearts, just like his grandsire Csar da Casa das Azenhasbefore him. From him, Baden inherited the large size, the beauty, the majesty, charisma but also the tenderness, devotion, protective instinct, patience, inteligence. He followed in grandpa's footsteps also in the world of conformation shows, going even further by conquering seven beauty titles. Baden was, and still is, Ponta da Pinta's ex-libris, representing us in several tv shows in which he took part, seducing people wherever he went, with his beauty and warm nature. He left us in 2013 but is still very much alive in the many wonderful vivid memories and through his granddaughter Clara Schumann da Ponta da Pinta, who will carry on his bloodlines.


Fidelio da Ponta da Pinta

Our boy Fidelio lived to be happy and make the most of everything: cuddling, freedom, food. Although very dominant, he was the perfect gentleman, patient with puppies, cats and of course bitches, who he'd let eat his own food. He used to bark loudly, demanding attention and pampering. He had the most wonderful temperament, very lively and energetic, obedient, sweet and loving but also a superb guardian. In 2007 he sired his only litter, by our dear girl Pina Bausch da Ponta da Pinta, producing excellent offspring such as Maio Maduro Maio (sire of our Utopia da Ponta da Pinta) and Canto Moço da Ponta da Pinta  (sire of our Junior Champion Thera da Ponta da Pinta).


Maio Maduro Maio da Ponta da Pinta

Son of Fidelio da Ponta da Pinta and Pina Bausch da Ponta da Pinta, our handsome Maio was a dominant dog, very sweet to us but suspicious towaryds strangers, a great guardian, very dissuasive although not aggressive. He sired four of our litters (three of which accidentally!), producing offspring of the utmost quality, including our girl Utopia da Ponta da Pinta.


Anna Pavlova da Ponta da Pinta

Beautiful, sweet, dedicated Pavlova had an unusual light fawn brindle colour and was extremely agile and incredibly fast. She lived a long happy life but did not have any litters.

She left us in October 2018.

Anna Pavlova


Large, powerful, Baby had the wonderful temperament evert balanced socialised Estrela should have:  sweet, happy but also a great guardian. She gave us two litters, the first of which an all-short-haired-offspring, including our Grand-Champion of Portugal Canela da Ponta da Pinta and her littermates Gengibre and Noz-moscada. She left us in Januay 2018.



Brave Bathy arrived at Ponta da Pinta in 2001, when she was 4 years old, and instantly showed her great qualities as a reliable guardian. She was dominant but sweet, very intelligent, agile, functional and gave us three litters. Several of her progeny and their own progeny became champions. She left us in 2009.  

Champagne da Ponta da Pinta

An extremely agile girl from a very early age​ (when 5 weeks old she already climbed the stairs), morphologically very correct, with balanced temperament and great health, she had all it takes to be a great brood bitch and produce offspring of the utmost quality. We planned to breed her but for several reasons it was not possible. Our beloved Champie, who left us in 2015, was a wonderful, very sweet companion who warmly welcomed visitors but nevertheless a great guardian. She's the star that shines on the cover of a score by composer Sérgio Azevedo - the piano solo piece "A Barking Sonatina", dedicated to Manuela Paraíso and Ponta da Pinta's dogs.



Our first matriarch, mother of Baden Baden da Ponta da Pinta and of four other champions bred by us. She was 6 when she arrived in our farm, after having lived in a kennel all her life. She had never known the pleasures of running free and fully enjoyed her new life. When it was time for her to give us our first litter, we were having breakfast and she came to fetch us and lead us to the bedroom where she had already delivered her first puppy. She was used to whelping all by herself by she felt confortable in our company throughout the delivery. She adopted us as her new owners and would pout if we spent a weekend away from home. She'll always be with us, in our memories and through her granddaughter Clara Schumann da Ponta da Pinta.



Reared within a herd, daughter of two short-haired dogs from working lines, she came to Ponta da Pinta as a young adult. A bit shy at first, she soon felt totally at home and easily made her way into the softest parts of our hearts. Very sweet, loving, loyal and protective, she was very suspicious towards strangers. Huge and powerful, brave and fearless, a true force of nature, her heritage lives on in her daughter Babilónia, in her grand-offspring Clara Schumann, GengibreCanelaNoz-moscada and, from the next generation, in Sortelha.



Daughter of our multi-champion Csar da Casa das Azenhas, she was chosen when she was 1 month old, for her beautiful unusual grey brindle colour, and came to Ponta da Pinta one month later, being our first girl ever. She was stubborn, an accomplished food thief and always in the mood for escaping for a walk around the neighbourhood. She was also our darling girl, loving friend and companion. Her two litters produced gorgeous offspring of a wide range of colours - such as our sweet girls Champagne, Anna Pavlova and Pina Bausch, grandson Maio Maduro Maio and great-granddaughters Thera  and Utopia.


Kalinka da Ponta da Pinta

Daughter of our multichampion Baden Baden da Ponta da Pinta, World Winner 2009 Kremlin da Ponta da Pinta's littermate. Excelling guardian and incomparable friend, she was as sweet and devoted to us as she was suspicious with other people. She had her only litter in 2013, sired by Maio Maduro Maio da Ponta da Pinta.


Medeia da Ponta da Pinta

A large, powerful, fearless, friendly girl, sweet Medeia left us in March 2017. She was the daughter of our multi-champion  Baden Baden da Ponta da Pinta and of Índole (a bitch from working bloodlines, descending from short-haired livestock guardians) and gave us two litters, the first of which included our adorable girl Clara Schumann da Ponta da Pinta.


Pina Bausch

da Ponta da Pinta

On the day she was born, we realized we'd never ever let her leave. Yet she left us at 8 years old, still with a lot of vitality, out of an accident. Pina was one of the dearest and most precious of our girls. Large, powerful, with a beautiful rare grey brindle colour, she was loving and devoted and had the sweetest look there is. Together with our boy Fidelio da Ponta da Pinta, she produced one of our most important and strategic litters, which included marvellous dogs such as Maio Maduro Maio, who gave us his daughter Utopia. In 2013, we used at stud another of Pina's sons, dashing Canto Moço da Ponta da Pinta, who produced our darling Thera.

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