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Ponta da Pinta
Sequóia da Ponta da Pinta. Photo: Alexandre Vidigal

Estrela Mountain Dog

The right dog for you?

The Estrela is a beautiful dog with many qualities that make them highly appreciated by a great many people. However, not everyone has what it takes in order to own one. If you're considering buying an Estrela, make sure you can provide them:


Space. If you live in an apartment, the Estrela is hardly the right dog for you. They need a large open area where they can run. That area must have a high wall or solid fence all around, so that they cannot escape.


Time. The Estrela loves their human's company. A few hours of daily attention and care will strengthen the bonds between them.


Education. Being a dog who might tend to have dominant attitudes, they require, from a very early age, a loving but nevertheless firm rearing. Permissive, indulgent people are not the right owners for an Estrela.


Socialization. From a very early age, the Estrela needs to be properly socialized as to develop their self-confidance without becoming unnecessarily aggressive. Have in mind they tend to bark a lot, specially during youth. Make sure that won't become a problem with your neighbours. They also tend to dig deep holes, destroy plants, flowerbeds and sometimes anything that comes at hand. Are you sure this is the right breed for you?


When acquiring an Estrela bred by us, you will be comitting yourself to keeping us informed about the puppy's development, throughout their lifetime. Data regarding health, temperament and morphology of all the dogs we bred is crucial to improve our knowledge on the breed's genetics, more specifically of the bloodlines we use in our breeding program.

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