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Estrela Mountain Dog

Ponta da Pinta
  • Visit several breeders, meet their breeding dogs and ask about their breeding programs, healh testing, control of genetic problems and puppy sales guarantees;


  • Watch out for so-called breeders who: do not health test thus cannot give warranties; breed unethically in a mass production scale; Remember your dog will share your life for a dozen years or more, and you should choose it carefully, having in mind things such as temperament (which should match your expectations).


  • Ask the breeders what they expect from each litter as far as the puppies’ temperament and health are concerned;


  • Take your time: if the breeder you’ve chosen doesn’t have available puppies at the moment, or if the stud or brood bitch you liked best will only have a litter some time later, book a puppy – instead of buying just any puppy, in a rush, from a breeder who does not seem to be reliable;


  • Have in mind that, if what you’re looking for is a friend and a guardian, there are more important things then beauty: among them, temperament and health; it won’t do you any good to buy a beautiful dog that’s fearful or too aggressive, or that might have a problem that will seriously affect its life quality;


  • Make sure everything is ready to welcome an Estrela puppy: everyone at home should agree about getting the puppy (in order to avoid any problems in the future); he should have space, fenced all around in order for it not to escape or be stolen as a young puppy, and shelter where it can spend the night and protect itself from the heat, the rain and the storm; have time for it, to watch over its development, to train it, socialize it and play with it; if you don’t know any veterinarian, ask a friend who owns a pet to recommend one to you so that he/she can assist your puppy from the very beginning.

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